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Spray Equipment

Automatic Spray Equipment
BG Chemical recognized that there is a need in the industry for a reliable, effective, yet affordable Automatic Spray System.  Past spray systems were not constructed to withstand the dusty, harsh environment of an asphalt plant yard.  To fill this void, BG Chemical established our own engineering department with the goal of providing the highest quality spray equipment in the industry, at the best price on the market.  BG Chemical manufactures two types of truckbed automatic spray systems:

The Matador
The Matador™ is our 2nd generation automatic spray system that treats truck beds with our economical release agent by lowering the nozzles to the truck bed reducing product loss. This system is a great benefit to asphalt plants located in windy areas that still need a reliable Automatic Spray System.

The Matador™ ensures your plant is not wasting money on product ending up on the ground, instead of the truck bed, while still maintaining excellent coverage.  The Matador™ is the most cost effective automatic spray system on the market, so shop the rest, but get the best.

Some of the advantages of The Matador™ are:

Wind-resistant to assure no wasted product on the ground
Speeds up load out time, saving money by keeping your truck fleet rolling. A 40 ft. bed can be sprayed down in approximately 18 - 20 seconds
Keeps drivers in their trucks and off slippery spray racks reducing liability issues
Sprays a measurable amount of release agent onto each truck, making it easier to prevent overspray and minimize your release agent cost
Reduces product waste
Reliable design that uses Acoustic Sensors versus Electronic Eyes
Will not spray cabs or tarps, become dirty, or get out of alignment like Electronic Eye systems
Provides "real-time" coverage as trucks pass through versus timer delays
Has an arch design that will swing out of the way if a truck were to hit the system
Patent Pending No. 60/883,602 Design can spray all types of trucks (Tandems, Transfers, Strong Arms, Belly Dumps, Live Bottoms, etc.)

The Stinger
The Stinger™ is a more economical system with many of the same benefits of the Matador™. This system was designed for use at asphalt plants that experience minimal wind speeds. The only differences between the Stinger™ and the Matador™ is that the Stinger™ does not lower the nozzles into truckbeds.  Simple, but very effective in the right environment.

Both of these systems are specifically designed and constructed to work reliably, consistently, and effectively in the harsh environments at your asphalt plant.  No other company carries our warranty policy. BG Chemical will warranty these systems on parts and service for LIFE, while BG Chemical release agents are being used through the system.

Give us a call and let us prove that our Stinger™ and Matador™ Spray Systems are superior and more affordable than any other system on the market today.

Shuttle Buggy Spray System (SBS)
MTVs and Shuttle Buggies are becoming a necessary component of the paving train for companies to maximize bonuses for smoothness, timeliness and density.  Being dedicated to the paving industry, one of the most common problems we encounter are maintenance issues with MTVs/shuttle buggies and an effective means for release agent application. Disruptions in the paving process can cost contractors thousands of dollars by the minute.  In response to marginal or overpriced existing options, BG Chemical would like to introduce our SBS System.  We've captured a rugged, reliable product designed for the tough conditions of asphalt paving at an affordable price. The SBS System is user-friendly and operated by an on-board, push button function providing application as needed without stopping the machine.

Shuttle Buggy Spray Systems Brochure

Drag Slat Spray System (DSS)
BG Chemical engineers our Drag Slat Spray System to provide an efficient and effective spray down. Maximizing performance and safety, the system is designed to work with our proven asphalt release agents, Black Magic and GreenPave Release Agent. Either product can replace diesel, or other cleaning solvents; eliminating any flash danger in the slat - while outperforming the lubricity of diesel. BG’s DSS System can be custom configured to match the exact needs of your plant. Our goal is to provide vital lubrication and cleaning as safely and economically as possible, while minimizing the time and effort required.

Drag Slat Spray System Brochure

Paving Equipment
We also carry spray systems for all of your paving equipment such as Pavers, Steel Drum Rollers and Pneumatic Rollers.  Please give us a call and let us show you that all of our spray systems are of the highest quality and more affordable than anything on the market.